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stories from th magic kingdom book

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has captivated the globe for generations. Imagineers spend countless hours creating compelling background stories for your favorite lands and attractions. But these stories only scratch the surface. 


We invite you to take a journey throughout the Magic Kingdom, diving in to short, fictional stories inspired by each of the lands and their themes and attractions. What happens when a Jungle Cruise Navigation boat goes missing? What is happening at the ballroom in the Haunted Mansion? And why does Mr. Tom Morrow need to confirm his flight to the moon? Find the answers to all of these questions and more in Stories from the Magic Kingdom. 



Now Approaching Main Street Station

Main Street is the center of a picturesque town, filled with the the smells of fresh baked sweets, the sounds of piano lessons, and the sights of the turn of the century. It is the place that everyone dreams of. But, this idealistic town is only the beginning of the story.


Find out what happens when a dreamer starts to wonder what could be outside the city she has spent her entire life in. No one has ever known what lies on the other side of the forest that surrounds her city. She enlists the help of her best friend, a train engineer, to help bring her impossible dreams to life. An exciting adventure awaits in "Now Approaching Main Street Station". 

Jungle Navigation Co. Episode LXXI

In this side-splitting, laugh-a-minute adventure, a Skipper is found washed up on shore near the docks of the JNC. He speaks of unspeakable terrors that happened when his boat full of tourists was engulfed by an ancient spirit in the Cambodian Temple. The spirit is keeping his passengers prisoner, and it is up to him and his rag-tag crew of Skippers to rescue the passengers before it is too late! 


Not only is this the punniest story you've ever read, it is also chock full of Jungle Cruise goodness. In this story, we take a deeper dive in to the enchanting backstory of the Jungle Navigation Co. and join in on an adventurous and dangerous trek in to the jungle! 

The Real Housewives of the

Haunted Mansion

Welcome, Foolish Mortals, to the Haunted Mansion. Your story begins here, in the grand ballroom. You will see your favorite happy haunts materializing for a swinging social event. There's no turning back now...

Written as a one act play, you will follow the story of Carlotta, a Southern Belle in her former life, as she plans the celebration of the 71st Anniversary of her Death Day. However, one jealous spirit plans to make sure that Carlotta has a completely unforgettable night. The drama unfolds amongst friends, lovers, and the grandest divas to ever grace the stage. Chaos and hilarity will ensue when some grim, grinning ghosts come out to socialize.

Mine for the Taking

Big Thunder Mine is nearin' the end of its' life. Barnabas T. Bullion, the eccentric and ruthless owner of the mine is now plottin' his next move - the minin' of the neighborin' Chick-A-Pin Hill. Barnabas enlists the help of the best prospector in the wilderness, Ginny Bigsby, a renegade slick shooter who is famous throughout the frontier. Danger's afoot as the animal inhabitants of Chick-A-Pin Hill are infamous for protecting their home.


This adventure story is as excitin' and thrillin' as the day is long, blendin' everythin' you love about Splash Mountain and Thunder Mountain Railroad! 

Wickedly Ever After

Once upon a time, the most fearsome villains throughout the land found themselves banished from the Kingdom of Fantasyland. They are cursed to live a life in the shadows, singing songs of their misery and misfortune. The villains you know, Gaston, Captain Hook, The Evil Queen, and Ursula, find themselves giving up, certain that they will never return to the Kingdom. 


That is, until a bright-eyed writer enters their dusty tavern. Tired of the same old stories, the writer sparks a plot that just might be wicked enough to work. A new twist on the classic fairytales, this adventure puts you on the side of the most evil of them all as they journey to find their own happily ever after.

The Adventures of Mr. Tom Morrow

'Paging Mr. Morrow, Mr. Tom Morrow. Please contact Mr. Johnson in the control tower to confirm your flight to the moon.' With these words, Mr. Tom Morrow is called in to action and must defend the City of Tomorrow. In this superhero adventure, Mr. Morrow, the town's vigilante crime fighter must thwart the latest attack on the city, armed with his smart mind and seemingly limitless resources. An underground crime syndicate has opened out of the Merchant of Venus store, or so they think. All is not as it seems as he must confront his estranged sister who makes him question his entire world view. 


In this fast-paced and fun action story, you'll be taken on an exciting and thought-provoking adventure in to Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland. 

About the Authors

About Us

Patrick Kling

Patrick Kling is a former Disneyland Cast Member and lifelong Theme Park enthusiast. By night he is an author of Stories from the Magic Kingdom series, and by day he works professionally in the theme park design industry, helping create themed experiences around the world.

Kristen Waldbieser

Kristen Waldbieser is an Orlando native and former Walt Disney World Cast Member who spent her life as an avid Disney fan. Kristen studied creative writing at the University of Central Florida, where she had her first short story published in the college literary magazine. She spends her days as a social media marketing manager, and an author for the Stories from the Magic Kingdom series.

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